Share with Us

This project is based on community participation. Your suggestions and stories will form part of the formulated vision and the project’s material components. Your participation will provide future producers, artists, and researchers with inspiration, and it will mean you’re joining a growing network of relationships focusing on past and future efforts to highlight and interact with Hussein Barghouti’s work.

Participation: You can share your personal story with Hussein Barghouti, a story you know concerning him, personal writings with him as its subject, and how his style or topics inspired you, or research and studies you produced. Perhaps you wrote a review, an article, or a paper that you would like to share with our visitors and us. You may know information concerning a place, time, event, or person that could help us in our research. Perhaps you have a piece or photograph related to Hussein Barghouti that you would like to add to our digital archive. Maybe you have suggestions for ideas or activities that help achieve realistic translations of the project’s vision and philosophy.

Clarification: Your participation entails an unconditional agreement for us to use any entry  you submitted in any way that serves the project, unless otherwise indicated, and includes an acknowledgment of the validity of the information received and the responsibility for its usage and circulation. Those in charge of this project reserve the right to evaluate materials sent and acknowledge the validity of its use, date of usage, or method.

You can participate according to the nature of your participation from the following forms

  1. Please share a story, situation, or piece of information with us
  2. Please share with us a written, audio, or video material
  3. Share an item, photo, or document with us
  4. Please share with us a suggestion, idea, criticism, or comment