Project Team

This project is part of the literary program of The Khalil Sakakini Center. The project’s conception and preparation commenced in 2016. The center plans to support the project institutionally before it can operate autonomously. Go to the Center’s website

Research and content development

Malak Afouneh

Bassel Rizqallah 

Hatem Tahan

Khalil Sakakini Center Team

Ranad Shqeirat

Yazan Khalili

Akef Darawsheh

Yasmin Foqahaa

Alharet Rayan

Amani Yaqop

Hadeel Yaqop

Programming and website development

Faris Abusada

Qossay Alsattari


Yazan Ashqar


Fadi and Petra Barghouti

Kamel el-Basha

Hasan Halawani

Kamilya Jubran

Issa Freij

Amer Khalil

Abd al-Rahim al-Shaikh

Saeed Murad

Khalied Elyan


Participating artists and researchers

To be announced later

Lead more