Mir’ah (Mirror)

Album: Mir’ah
Production: Mostakell Records (2008)
Composed and performed by: Tamer Abu Ghazaleh
Artistic production: Al-Urmawi Center for Mashreq Music

Lyrics translated into English by: Athar Barghouti


‘I dreamt you.
Your eyes sanctuaries for guardians, a sanctuary visited in loyalty to vows, and lamps are lit inside,
With the oil of rituals, and another floats on water in my dream,
and illuminates things for me. Love amazes me in both cases: when it visits and when it is visited
It’s as if you are a higher context of what I lost, and it comes back to me, when the curtains open
And your hands are a stairs
of bricks. I climb it and it breaks me, my body falls as glass,
and my soul rises
as perfumes,
And some rising is descension, and some rising is collapse
And not everyone saw you as my vision, the blind is not of guilt!
And some eyes are ash, and some eyes are bedazzlement
I dreamt you.
Your hair was a stained glass sky
It is unfelt, untouched, and brightens the floor, and was not touched by fire
Its light is premonition, and I wipe my eyes with love so I can see it, so my blindness is washed away
And some eyes are mirrors, and some mirrors are dust’.